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Your Zoning Requirements

At Sustainable Air, we specialise in providing advanced zoning systems for all of our ducted refrigerated systems.

By zoning your system correctly, you will keep your running costs down and improve your comfort options by allowing you to control your airflow or temperature in each room.

Let our experts design the best smart zoning solution for you.

Saving you valuable $$$

Traditional Zoning

Traditional Zoning requires a large common zone which must remain open at all times to prevent air pressure building up and damaging the ductwork. The common zone can occupy up to 25% or more of a home, and you will pay to heat or cool it, regardless of whether you are using that area. Traditional zoning creates wastage by heating/cooling large areas of your home even when they are not in use.

In the graphic below, if your bedrooms are in zone 1, when you go to bed, you will still need to run the common area plus all of the bedrooms, even if only 1 bedroom is in use.  This adds up to serious wastage for you and more dollars out of your pocket. 


Standard Zoning

Smart Zoning

Smart zoning (below) treats every room as its own zone.

The common zone will be programmed to only come on if or when required to maintain minimum airflows. Each zone can be turned on or off independantly.

Advantage Zoning

Sustainable Air recommends the use Smart zoning on selected ducted refrigerated systems to maximise comfort and flexibility and minimize running costs.

Let our expert Sales Engineers design a system for you. Call 1300 733 246.

Ducted evap by Bonaire

More zones equal more control.

My Air is a superior air conditioning system designed to help you stay comfortable as energy efficiently as possible. The easiest ways to minimize your power consumption is to only run the air-conditioning in rooms you are using. As My Air divides your home into up to 10 zones, each room is zoned individually so you can pick and choose precisely which rooms receive conditioned air.

Opting for a standard 4 or 5 zone system can turn out to be a false economy if you end up having to group several rooms in each zone and air condition empty rooms.

 * Special conditions apply to this product. Please ask sales consultant to explain operating ranges


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