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How Do I Save on Running Costs?

2 Oct 2013

There are a few key things you should consider to save on running costs. The first tip is the efficiency of the home heating and cooling system ....


Efficiency of the heating and cooling system.

Buying a more energy efficient system can save you big dollars in the long run.  A properly installed system will last for a long time so make sure you consider the efficiency in making your decision. Our expert team can help you understand these options and recommend the most energy efficient solution for you.

Quality of materials.

Making sure the best quality of ductwork and fittings are used will maximise the energy savings possible on any system.  Sustainable Air only use the best quality materials to give you the best results.

Zoning your system.

Designing a zoning system to minimise wastage is a great way to further minimise energy usage and running costs. Adding zoning to your heating or cooling system can slash your running costs by up to 50%.


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