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Ducted Refrigerated Cooling Melbourne

Ducted refrigerated systems are the ultimate in air conditioning and climate control. An Outdoor unit quietly delivers refrigeration to the indoor fan coil which is connected to superior platinum ducting for air to be distributed throughout the home.

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning provides unobtrusive quiet climate control. Warm even heat is distributed during Winter and clean cool air during Summer. It provides precise comfort control in all weather conditions.

Ducted Refrigerated Cooling Features

  • Innovative and advanced inverter technology
  • Works efficiently in the majority of climate extremities
  • Running costs from 24 cents per hour

Ducted Refrigerated Cooling

How Do Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioners Work?

A reverse cycle air-conditioning system lets you control the climate when you want.

Ducted Air Conditioning can both cool and heat your home while filtering the air and removing humidity providing the required level of comfort, regardless of the weather conditions.

Heating is provided economically by “reversing” the operation of the conditioner. Instead of expelling the hot air and circulating cool air it does the reverse – hence the term ‘reverse cycle’ air conditioning.


Ducted Refrigerated Cooling

There are various types of air conditioners, from the simple and inexpensive room air conditioner, wall mounted split right up to a fully ducted system.

Systems vary in size from 1hp (2.5kw) to 80hp (200kw). Our expert team can help you choose the right system for you. We can advise you on the best system to fit any size requirement for home or business.

These ducted air conditioner systems are completely flexible and can be customised for any application.

Inverter technology is your key to more comfort throughout the year, whatever the season. By controlling compressor rotation speed more precisely, inverter technology provides high speed cooling and heating with extra energy savings compared to non inverter models.

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning provides unobtrusive quiet climate control. Warm even heat is distributed during Winter and clean cool air during Summer.


What size system do I need?

  • 7-10 Kw – Small house
  • 12-14 Kw – Medium house
  • 17-25 Kw- Large house

Ducted evap by Bonaire

Zoning Requirements

At Sustainable Air, we specialise in providing advanced zoning systems for all of our ducted refrigerated systems.

By zoning your system correctly, you will keep your running costs down and improve your comfort options by allowing you to control your airflow or temperature in each room.

Let our experts design the best smart zoning solution for you.

Ducted Refrigerated Cooling Systems Décor

Standard Products

Streemline grille

Installed flush with the ceiling, no ugly protrusions. Fully adjustable. Australian Made

Two way Grilles

Installed flush with the ceiling, no ugly protrusions. Fully adjustable. Australian made

Standard outlet

Can be closed off. Beige color std, other colors available. Australian Made

return air grille

Return air grill

Filtered, metal powder coated white, Hinged door for easy cleaning.

Advanced Air delivery system

Durable ABS plastic with internal insulation and opposed blade dampers for balanced airflow and zoning compatibility. Australian Made

Platinum Duct

Metalised core, R.1 Insulation with Platinum reflective sleeve. Australian Made (AS 4254 & AS 1530 Part 3)


Upgrade Options

baby linear

Baby Linear

Slimline appearance, Ideal for cooling and heating. Ask your Consultant if they are suitable for youe installation. Australian Made

Eco Diffuser

COOLING (air is directed horizontally) HEATING (air is directed vertically) adjustable airflow, energy efficient

metal grille

Metal Linear Grille

Stylish powder coated metal grilles. Custom made to suit your home. Price on application


Easy to clean removable cores. Asthetically pleasing Louvre design. Beveled edges. Australian Made

Swirl Diffuser

Distributes air evenly throughout room. Sleek low profile. Australian Made

purtech grille

Purtech Return Air Grille

Construct with a moulded box to prevent whistling. Has an electrostatic, washable filter. This provides 14% more efficiency than standard filter. Australian Made


With all our Ducted Refrigerated Systems you are Guaranteed performance. We recommend a system designed to operate in two or more zones, to maximize energy efficiency and save you $$$

Excellent service from start to finish. They explained simply and clearly all of the different options for cooling our home and made our decision easy.We are very happy with the installation. The guys were professional and polite and cleaned up afterwards.

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