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Gas Ducted Heating Installation Melbourne

Gas ducted heating is traditionally the most common form of whole of home gas heating.

Ducted central heating Draws air from inside the home, through a heat exchanger for rapid warming and distribution through outlets in the floor or ceiling.

Gas Ducted Heating Features

  • Highly efficient, cost effective whole of home heating. Gas is generally cheaper than electricity, and in Melbourne heating is used for more of the year than cooling. Gas ducted heating is often the most cost effective form of heating.
  • Uses natural gas or LPG gas
  • Works in all conditions. Warms your home no matter how cold it gets outside.

Control your Heat With a Ducted Heating System!

Sustainable Air is a Bonaire Premier Dealer and highly recommends and works with the efficient and cost effective Bonaire Gas Ducted Heating Range. For over 60 years Bonaire units have been heating homes with efficient and affordable gas ducted heating.


What do Gas ducted heating systems consist of?

  • A furnace fueled by natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Air is drawn in by a fan, and passed over a heat exchanger to warm it. Furnaces are usually installed in the roof space or externally, but can also be placed under the floor or even in internal cupboards if space is limited.
  • Ducting distributes the heated air through a home. It is usually laid above the ceiling or under the floor, but can be placed between floors or in other cavities, depending on available room.
  • Registers (also called ‘outlets’ or ‘vents’), attached to the floor or ceiling, or sometimes the wall, direct warm air into rooms. Provided ceiling registers are correctly positioned, and of appropriate design, they will provide a similar heating effectiveness to floor registers. Floor registers are usually located near outside walls to allow heat to fully flow back through the house to the return air grille. Ceiling registers should be located centrally in a room, or between the centre and external walls.
  • A return air vent (grille) recirculates air to the furnace, beginning the cycle again. The grille should be located at or near floor level or in ceiling or roof.


Benefits of Gas Ducted Heating

  • The most energy efficient and cost effective form of heating.
  • Perfect for Melbourne conditions. Will warm your home quickly and efficiently, no matter how cold it gets outside.
  • A high efficiency combined with zoning heater can reduce your running costs by up to 50%.

Zoning your gas ducted heater

  • Sustainable Air recommends that you zone your heating system.  Zoning aims to minimise costs by reducing the area you are required to heat at any one time.  Don’t waste money by heating areas that are not in use.  Let our expert team design a solution that minimises running costs and maximises comfort.
  • Basic zoning can allow you to shut down areas that are not in use. More complex zoning will allow you to include remote temperature zones and set different temperatures across different.

Gas ducted heating is also adaptable to the option of introducing cooling through the same outlets.
Commonly referred to as gas add on, a cooling fan coil is incorporated at the design stage allowing you the versatility of cooling for the hot summer months.

Ducted Central Heating Décor


Disperses air flow directly down to floor level. Can be shut off in summer months

Return Air Grille

  • Fixed design
  • Vacuum to clean

Streemline Grilles

  • Installed flush with the ceiling
  • No ugly protrusions
  • Fully adjustable

Platinum Duct


  • Metalised core
  • Insulated and platinum reflective sleeve (AS 4254 & AS 1530 Part 3)

Baby Linear

Slimline appearance, directs air toward floor level. Ask your Consultant if they are suitable for installation to your home.

SWIVEL Jet diffuser

Greater directional airflow, adjustable, super quiet removable core for easy cleaning

Horizon Optional Remote Control

Floor Grille

Adjustable to close off during summer months. (Beige installed as standard)


Adrian was very polite and knowledgeable about heating.
He was respectful of my budget, measured and calculated exactly what I would need and the installation all went smoothly. Highly recommended!

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